Introducing, Wildcards Committee 2019/20

Hello Hello everybirdy!

As Wildcards AGM concluded on 18 May 2019, we are pleased to announce our new committee for Season 19/20!!

No time to waste! First up!!


Head Coach

Kimberly Chen

Wildcard since 2016

Don’t be fooled by her small stature, she is actually one hella woman compressed into her small frame. She is often overlooked by people due to her vertical challenges. She overcomes this by being able to holler louder than 10 guys combined. If she finds out you are late for training in Bishan, she will shout so loud you can hear it from Jurong and some say JB. Good stuff.



Nigel Sim

Wildcards Since 2014

Not an uncommon face in the cheer scene, he is known fondly to many as the stunt magician. But in his older years, he spends his time trying to plant his seeds impart his magic to all other cheerleaders (Oops). He will make your dream come true, unless your dream is to grow taller. Unfortunately he cannot help you with that as he is still trying to figure that formula out. 10/10 Base



Lum Zheng Yao

Wildcard since 2018

The new beng on the block yo. Dont be fooled by his gangsta appearance. This man is a man of justice. Legend has it that he once ‘summon’ a base for wearing a ugly yellow shirt to training, disrupting the peace. Better dont pray pray around him. Having Zheng Yao as the coach, he helps to make up for what Kim might lack (eg. Physical size), so that the coaches can work together as a team. Safeguarding every day



Boulder Loong

Wildcard since 2013

Know to many as Broooulder. Mr Looooooong. Boner Loong. 怪叔叔. Right now we refer to him as Mr Loong. One thing is for sure. When you ask him how strong is his loyalty for Wildcards. His reply will always be “As solid as a boulder.” Being the most experience dude on the team, he can give solid advice to the coaches (As solid as a boulder). Being the constant for Wildcards every year, he will surely value add to the team in many ways.



Rynell Lee

Wildcard since 2018

Hot stuff Captain right here. Adding to the list of all the hot stuff Captains. Has nobody realised that Wildcard’s Captains has always been some hot stuff?? Rynell is a man of many talents. By day he works to keep our nation safe. By night he becomes the lemonade man delivering sour beverages ;) to thirsty girls in our nation. Thank you for your service Sir! Rynell’s bubbly personality always never fails to brighten people’s day! Captain bubbles.



Annabella Tan

Wildcard since 2018

Our Vice-Captain Bella! She may be known by some as the ice-queen in Wildcards, as her face looks like ready to murder you when she is not smiling. But she is a really soft girl and will immediately soften up if you give her her favorite food, POTATO. (Did i mention she loves to eat potato? Her fav is potato without skin ;)). Having many years of cheer experience, she can surely value add in many ways! Also, if she ever strangles you just sing “Let it go, let it go…”


Team Manager

Cheryl Chuah

Wildcard since 2018

Being the Team manager is not a simple task. Cheryl has replied so many emails and written so many documents that her biceps has grown twice in size since she took up the post (as seen in the above picture). If anybody out there wants to achieve similar results, don’t hesitate to contact her! Better not mess with her… because she is also known as Cheryl Jam. As in Jam your face up your a***. Oooooooo


Business Manager

Raihan Osman

Wildcard since 2017

Raihan is also not a new face to the cheer scene! Being very talented in gymnastics, he has helped many girls bend over backwards…. *ahem* I meant he has helped many cheerleaders get their gymnastic elements. Yes. Being multi-talented, he can be a base, flyer, or both (?). He is in charge of getting business for Wildcards! When he cannot find business, he spends his time tekan-ing Wildcards members with his grueling PT sessions.


Finance Manager

Joyce Lim

Wildcard since 2017

Ah Lian alert!! Joyce is also a familiar face, but familiar because you may have seen her at the coffeeshop, basketball court, arcade… kidding. She may be the most lovable petite girl on the team… but there is nothing petite about her *****. I meant there is nothing petite about her financial skills. That is why she is our Financial manager! O$P$ or else… Huat Huat Huat!


Social Media Manager

Clinton Chua

Wildcard since 2015

Clinton is also sometimes known as Mr. Tomato. This is because there is something similar to Clinton and Tomatoes - both are good for you ;). Clinton might have a tough guy demeanor, but is actually a really soft and nice guy on the inside. Just like a tomato! Slurps.


Presenting, Wildcards Committee 2019/2020!!

Bring Wildcards to greater heights and greater glory!! Huat ah!