Past Collaborations



King of Nests

Headquartered in Singapore, King of Nests is the brand for the Bird Nests carried under the Singapore registered company, Act Now Marketing Pte Ltd, which is a processed food importer registered with Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore ("AVA"). They are an online retailer of Bird Nests who strive to import the finest grade of house Bird Nests from Kalimantan, Indonesia to other parts of Asia. 

Product quality and customer care are their key focuses. They provide FREE delivery to your doorstep.

View their range of products, or learn about their free bird nest testing promotion here.  


Kudos Watch Co.

Inspired by free thought and creative expression, came together with a view to initiate a trend-setting statement. Refusing to conform to normality, Kudos prides itself on producing cutting-edge and innovative timepieces. 

Blurring the lines between muscularity and femininity, their handmade collection presents an ensemble of basics redefined with 100% genuine leather and subtle adornments, specially designed for all walks of life.

View their sleek range of products here or visit their stores locally.  


Social Playground

With business operations in Australia and Singapore, Social Playground merges traditional photo booth with social photo-sharing app Instagram, with the launch of its Live Instagram Printer. 

The Live Instagram Printer enables anyone with a smartphone to Instagram and print their favourite photos, instantly. Built for events but ready for permanent installation, it captures photos tagged with a specific hashtag and prints a high quality, Polaroid-style photo - all in less than 30 seconds. 

Social playground is our number one choice for ensuring events with amazing printed memories. Just Snap, Tag and Print here.  



Ulu Pandan Community Club

As our home ground, Ulu Pandan Community Club (UPCC) has generously provided us support since our humble beginnings in 2008. Without their support, Wildcards would not exist today. Besides hosting us, UPCC also provides a myriad of courses, activities and facilities for the benefit of the neighbourhood.

Facebook page: Ulu Pandan Our Home
Tel: +65 6463 7333



With a solid range of sports tapes, from rigid tapes to Kinesio tapes, Val.Tapes is our go to supplier for tape. (And boy do we use lots of it!)

Tel: +65 9843 3433


DJ Magpie's cheer music mixes

Local music mixer, DJ Magpie, is our go-to man for cheer routine mixes. Why? Here are our reasons:

1. His rates are great and he guarantees quality,
2. Based in Singapore, he can even fix your music on the spot while you're running your routine.

For more about DJ Magpie, please take a look at his resume, remix order form, and remix history.

YouTube: cheerologic