About Wildcards


Photo by  TL Photography

Our mission as Singapore’s most established cheerleading team is to inspire the next generation of Singaporeans through the sport of Cheerleading. As a cheerleading youth academy, Wildcards aims to bring people from all walks of life together to foster better social interactions and camaraderie.

The term "Wildcards", coined by Mr Vincent Fok (Magnum Force, 2002-2005), used to describe existing cheerleaders who were still passionate about the sport, but were no longer part of their former squads. Together with Ms Jane's (Anglo Chinese Junior College) initiative to set up an external cheerleading team, Ulu Pandan Wildcards was officially formed on 26 August 2008. 

If you think you have what it takes to be a Wildcard, answer the call of the wild and drop us a message!

Coaches & EXCO for 2017/18

  • Mr Lee Chaangru, Team Advisor
  • Mr Boulder Loong, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr Lim Hann Bin, Vice-Chairman
  • Ms Nellie Lim, Alumni President
  • Mr Owen Quek, Head Coach
  • Ms Ong Ting Lei, Assistant Coach